It’s been a sobering but interesting year for the nation as we have remembered and reflected on the events of the 2nd world war and the fifty year anniversary of the D Day landings.

At Vintage to Vogue we have always had a real interest and a good stock of military clothing and accessories together with a great collection of 1940s fashion. We recently had great fun using our shop stock to recreate this land army girl look.

A more concerning item from our stock is this World War 2 Air Raid wardens rattle (a design used by both football supporters and for bird scaring} which, when heard would have had people scurrying to safety.

If you are interested in war time clothing and the home front Bath Fashion Museum will be celebrating WW1 fashion with an exhibition that traces women’s lives and roles during this savage conflict; their work on the home front and how that influenced the dress that they adopted. Featuring examples of uniforms and civilian dress, memorabilia and propaganda, and numerous costumes from the series Downton Abbey

The Great War in Costume: Family & Fashion on the Home Front
Bath Fashion Museum
19 July – 31 August 2014

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