Many of our customers come to us seeking either inspiration or advice and guidance on how to create an authentic look and style for a particular period. Sometimes they are just looking for ideas on how to update their wardrobe or how to mix and match their favourite vintage item with something more classic. Themed events, weddings and parties can also be daunting for customers when trying to select the right clothing and accessories to wear.

At Vintage to Vogue we can offer friendly and personal assistance based on our extensive experience and we will often try to encourage customers to think creatively in choosing their outfits. For example, many people will have a reasonable idea of the rich and glamorous styles of the twenties and thirties from great films like the Gatsby but there are also some great looks to achieve from the working class outfits of the period.

We appreciate that often a picture can tell a thousand words so we have built up an extensive gallery of pictures to give customers a real appreciation of the range and styles that are available. Once you have chosen a look you like from the gallery we can then help you select the right garments and accessories from our extensive stock in the shop to achieve that desired look. This part of our web site will give you access to some of those pictures, and if you see anything you like, why not pop into the shop for a chat or give us a call so we can see if we can help.