One cannot pinpoint a single designer or a single era for classic design as it spans across many different eras and by definition does not date. A Chanel ladies classic cut suit from the 1940’s is still wearable and current in today’s fashion scene, as is a gents tweed suit from the 1950’s a true classic.

Many of these items are being replicated by today’s high street brands, however most of these items do not hold the qualities of a truly classic item that will last beyond this seasons fad.

A true sign of a classic item is its cut, the material used and the attention to detail, which is sadly missing in mass produced items.

A classic item does not have to be old, far from it, there are some inspiring classic designers today such as Vivienne Westwood, Tom ford and Paul smith whose classic collections will stand the test of time and will be vintage classic collectables of the future.

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