In our quest to ensure there is something in the shop to interest everybody our buying trips take us far and wide both in this country and abroad. In our travels one of the most exciting elements is coming across artefacts of clothing and accessories of an historic interest. When this happens we believe we have a responsibility to preserve and display the items wherever possible regardless of their commercial value.

Vintage to vogue works with a number of highly qualified tailors, seamstresses, lace workers, beading specialists and leather restores to ensure wherever possible restoration work is carried out sympathetically and professionally¬† to increase¬† the longevity of the item and to ensure our customers have the opportunity to see and enjoy these historic pieces. Examples have included such diversity as a beautiful beaded dress from the early twentieth century, an authentic¬† Pearly King overcoat, World War One militaria, the Duke of Gloucestershire inauguration uniform including his tricorn hat silk stockings and buckle shoes, boxed and unworn ladies 1920’s shoes, original flapper dresses from the 1920’s, ladies early Victorian lace up leather boots, Victorian lacework, a mans complete dinner suit with the original tailors label dated 1915, a straw filled fencing vest from the early twentieth century, Victorian leather Gladstone bags and even an original pair of heart surgeons operating lenses from the mid eighties.

Many of these items have been used in photo shoots and Period drama productions and wherever possible we display some of them in the shop as points of reference for modern day clothing designers seeking inspiration and students of fashion and of course to give our customers a glimpse into the wonderful world of by gone eras.

Historical Costume Gallery

Sheriff of Gloucester Court Dress

1912 Beaded Evening Dress