We received an interesting email from one of our customers requiring our help on an important sartorial matter. Steve from Melksham wrote to say he was fortunate enough to receive two tickets to Cheltenham Races in March and intends to invite his young lady to accompany him (good chap) but as it’s his first visit to the races was wondering what to wear as they didn’t want to look out of place.

Cheltenham  races is a splendid meet but it’s not Ascot so I would suggest Steve leaves his silk top hat and morning suit in the wardrobe and opts for a good tweed suit, preferably something with a bit of age to it so you look like a seasoned punter rather than a first timer. I always have a preference for tweed because in my experience up in the stands of Cheltenham in March can be a freezing place to stand around. Head gear is therefore also important and there we have a choice of either a good quality brown felt trilby or a tweed flat cap depending on whether you want to look like you hang around with the owners and trainers or you do your drinking with the stable hands, both looks for me, are perfectly acceptable.

Obligatory footwear is a strong pair of quality brown brogues and definitely no novelty socks. Don’t overdo the accessories maybe choose one or two
of the following, braces are fine, pocket hankie fine, cravat fine, wool tie with Tattersall shirt fine, silk tie with cotton shirt fine, tie pin fine, lapel badge fine and of course only one of the items should have a discreet horse theme otherwise you will look like you work in the gift shop. Probably, wise to take a warm overcoat, if not for you, your young lady might appreciate draping it over her shoulders while sipping her G&T.

For the lucky lady our suggestion would be, maybe a 1940’s Tea dress or a full skirted 1950’s dress or suit. To enhance the look, a wide brim picture hat or a 1940s pillbox, along with gloves and matching handbag or clutch. If the weather turns chilly or if rain is forecast, you might need a stole or a Burberry raincoat to combat the weather. Thick heeled shoes are advised as opposed to kitten heels, which sink into the grass. Discreet jewellery such as a single row of pearls or a pretty, sparkly marcasite brooch to set off the whole ensemble and should guarantee the ‘doff’ of a trilby by passing gentleman punters.

All items, and help with styling naturally available from our independent clothing emporium Vintage to Vogue.
Good luck to Steve and his lovely lady, and if you are off to Cheltenham and can tip us a winner you know where to find us!

Cheltenham Races starts on the 11th March until the 14th March with Ladies Day on Wednesday 12th, and Gold Cup day on Friday 14th.

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