It’s been such an exciting couple of months for us at Vintage to Vogue. First our TV appearance on Channel 4’s “This Old Thing” hosted by Dawn O Porter, then we were absolutely delighted when we sold ten of our authentic 1920’s flapper dresses, three 1920’s capes and accessories to the costume department for use on a world famous TV period drama!

Unfortunately, for the time being, we are sworn to secrecy about the programme or anything about the dresses so as not to spoil the surprise for viewers.

More excitement last week when a customer, with a great voice, and a quirky image, chose one of our dresses for her appearance on the most famous of all talent contests. Again, we are not allowed to give any details until the series has been screened but don’t worry – watch this space and all will be revealed – ooh it’s so frustrating keeping secrets.


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