Very excited as we just got back from a visit to see a lovely lady who wanted to downsize her fantastic handbag collection to raise some cash for her daughters wedding. Lucky us!

It took some doing but we finally managed to prise from her grip some wonderful handbags from the 1920’s, 1930’s and 1940’s. Among them were two examples, in great condition of bags made by the English company Waldybags.

This company was registered to family owned business H Wald & Co and was well established by the late 1920’s. The company exhibited at a number of influential fairs. During this time it was based in Aldersgate Street but by 1947 it had re located to 17 Tottenham Court Road London. It was renowned for its manufacture of ladies, leather and fine fabric day and evening wear handbags.

We believe one of the Waldybags is from the 1920’s, if so, it would make it one of the earliest examples we have seen. It’s easy to see from their quality and attention to detail why Waldybags are so desirable and so collectible.

If you want any further details on any of the bags in the pictures please do not hesitate to email us via the website or why not pop into the shop for a closer look

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